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The order Psittaciformes is comprised of the parrots and their allies. They are found in most warm and tropical regions. The greatest diversity of parrots is found in South America and Australasia. Characteristic features of parrots include a strong curved bill, an upright stance, and strong legs. Like woodpeckers, they have 2 toes pointing forward (digits 2, 3) and 2 toes pointing backward (digits 1, 4). Most parrots are predominantly green, with other bright colors. They generally exhibit little or no sexual dimorphism. The most important components of most parrots' diets are seeds, nuts, fruit, buds and other plant material. Almost all parrots nest in tree holes. Parrots are some of the most intelligent birds, and the ability of some parrot species to imitate human voices enhances their popularity as pets.

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African (Psittacidae)
(Cacatuoidea): Cockatoo
(Psittaculidae): Lorikeet, Parrots-and-Parakeet
South American (Psittacidae): Amazon, Macaw, Parrots-and-Parakeet

Australasian Parrots and Parakeets

Order Psittaciformes    Family Psittaculidae

Genus Alisterus  
The three king-parrot species are medium sized; predominantly red and green. They are found in Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea.

Parrot,_Australian King- Alisterus scapularis   Endemic to Australia
The male Australian King Parrot has green wings, tail; red head, underparts; blue band on nape; reddish-orange upper mandible with black tip; black lower mandible. Female has green head, breast; gray bill
Image by: 1) Oystercatcher  2, 3, 6) Peter Firminger - New South Wales  4)  Soundingblue  5) Arthur Chapman 
1) Juvenile male  2) Pair  3) Female  4, 5, 6) Male

Parrot,_Moluccan King-  Alisterus amboinensis  Found: New Guinea and nearby islands
The Moluccan King-Parrot has blue back, tail; green wings (blue in a subspecies); red head, underparts; orange upper mandible with black tip; black lower mandible.
Image by: 1) Scott Hamlin  2) Mauli

Parrot,_Papuan King-  Alisterus chloropterus  Found: New Guinea
The male Papuan King-Parrot has blue back, rump; black tail; green wings (blue in a subspecies); pale green shoulder; red head, underparts; orange upper mandible with black tip; dark lower mandible. Female A. c. moszkowskii similar to male but smaller green shoulder patch. Female A. c. chloropterus and A. c. calloterus have green back, wings, head; breast red and green.
Image by: 1) Peter Tan  2) Jerry Oldenettel: Papua-New Guinea

Genus Aprosmictus

Parrot,_Olive-shouldered  also  Jonquil Parrot  Aprosmictus jonquillaceus  Found: Indonesia
Image by: 1) Peter_Ericsson - Timor  2) James_Eaton

Parrot,_Red-winged  Aprosmictus erythropterus  Found: Australia, New Guinea
The Red-winged Parrot has mainly green plumage; red wings (dull for female). Male also has some black on wings.
Image by: 1)  Biby   2, 3) Brian_McCauley  4) David Cook- Mareeba Wetlands, QLD, Australia 
1, 2) Female  3, 4) Male

Genus Barnardius 
A broad-tailed parrot. These colorful parrots are small to medium in size, and all are native to Australasia.

Parrot,_Port Lincoln also Australian Ringneck  Barnardius zonarius   Found: Australia
The Port Lincoln Parrot has mainly green plumage; yellow hind-collar; green-and-blue wings, tail; yellow or green belly; black or green crown.
Image by: 1) Arthur Chapman - Western Australia   2) Jim Bendon - western Australia   3) Ralph Green   4) Liam Kelly   5) Laurie Boyle

Ringneck, Mallee or Mallee Ringneck Parrot  Barnardius barnardi  Found: Australia
The Mallee Ringneck has mainly green plumage; blue or black mantle; red forehead (not present some subspecies); violet throat; yellow hind-collar, belly;
Image by: 1) Brian_McCauley  2) Dave Pape    3) David Cook - New South Wales 

Genus Cyanoramphus
These mainly green parakeets are found in New Zealand and islands of the southern Pacific Ocean.

Parakeet, Antipodes  Cyanoramphus unicolor  Found: Antipodes Islands of New Zealand
The Antipodes Paraket has green plumage; blue outer flight feathers; silver bill with black tip.
Image by: 1) David Leverton  2) russell_street  3) Peter Halazs 

Parakeet,_Chatham_Islands  Cyanoramphus forbesi  Found: Chatham Islands of New Zealand
Image by: 1) Salvatore_Chamu

Parakeet, Malherbe's  also  Orange-fronted Parakeet  Cyanoramphus malherbi  Found: South Island of New Zealand
The Malherbe's Parakeet has mainly green plumage; orange forehead; yellow crown; blue outer flight feathers; black bill; red eyes.
Similar to: Yellow-crowned Parakeet.
Image by: 1) Schmechf  Jon Sullivan

Parakeet, New Caldonian  Cyanoramphus saissetti  Found: New Caldonia (750 miles east of Australia)
The New Caldonian Parakeet has green upperparts; yellowish-green underparts; red fore-crown; blue primary feathers.
Similar to: Red-crowned Parakeet. The ranges of New Caldonian Parakeet and Red-crowned Parakeet do not overlap.
Image by: 1) Joseph Smit  2) Mickael T. - New Caldonia

Parakeet,_Norfolk  Cyanoramphus cookii  Found: Norfolk Island (between Australia and New Zealand)
Image by: 1, 2) Paul_Gear   3) David_Cook
1) Juvenils

Parakeet, Red-crowned  also  Red-fronted Parakeet  Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae  Found: New Zealand
The Red-crowned Parakeet has green upperparts; yellowish-green underparts; red fore-crown; silver bill with black tip. Also known via the Maroi name Kakariki,
Similar to: New Caldonian Parakeet. The ranges of New Caldonian Parakeet and Red-crowned Parakeet do not overlap.
Image by: 1, 6) DigitalTrails - Wellington  2) Michael  3) Sid Mosdell - Waikanae, New Zealand  4) David Cook - Tiritiri Matangi Island, , New Zealand    5) Sabine's Sunbird - Matiu/Somes Island, Wellington  7) Video by Avibirds.   More vidoes

Parakeet,_Reischek's  Cyanoramphus hochstetteri  Found: Antipodes Island, one of New Zealand’s subantarctic islands
Image by: 1) Mark_Frazer

Parakeet, Yellow-fronted  also  Yellow-crowned Parakeet  Cyanoramphus auriceps  Found: New Zealand
The Yellow-fronted Parakeet has mainly yellowish-green plumage; yellow fore-crown with red forehead; silver bill with black tip; blue or green primary flight feathers.
Similar to: Parakeet, Malherbe's.
Image by: 1) Tim Williams  2) Beardy Gil - South Island, New Zealand  3) Nrg800

Genus Cyclopsitta 

Parrot,_Double-eyed Fig-  Cyclopsitta diophthalma  Found: Australia
The Double-eyed Fig-Parrot has mainly green plumage; short tail; red-and-blue facial marks; gray bill with black tip.
Image by: 1) Aviceda   2)) Dick Daniels - San Diego Zoo  3) David Cook 
1, 2) Female  3) Male

Parrot,_Orange-breasted Fig-  Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii  Found: Indonesia, New Guinea
The Orange-breasted Fig-Parrot has green upperparts; blue fore-crown (forehead sometimes black); vertical black stripe below eye; short tail. Male has pale yellow face and throat; orange breast, upper-belly; Female has green or orange underparts; orange cheek.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2, 3) Quartl
2) Female  3) Male

Genus Eclectus  - 1 species

Parrot,_Eclectus  Eclectus roratus  Found: Australia 
The male Eclectus Parrot has mostly green plumage. Female has mostly red plumage; purple lower hind-neck, upper-mantle, breast.
Image by: 1, 5) Dick Daniels - San Diego Zoo  2, 3) Dick - North Carolina Zoo  4) Sandy Cole - North Carolina Zoo  6) Snowmanradio
1) Pair  2,  3, 4) Female  5, 6) Male

Genus Eunymphicus - 1 species

Parakeet,_Horned  Eunymphicus cornutus  Found: New Caledonia  (750 miles east Australia)
The Horned Parakeet has 2 red-tipped black feathers that protrude from its head; yellowish nape; black and red face; bluish wings and tail
Image by: 1)  2) Roger_Le_Guen

Genus Geoffroyus

Parrot,_Blue-collared  also  Simple Parront  Geoffroyus simplex  Found: New Guinea
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) John_Gould

Parrot,_Red-cheeked  Geoffroyus geoffroyi  Found: Australia, New Guinea
The Red-cheeked Parrot has mainly green plumage. Male has red cheeks; mauve nape, crown. Female duller with brown head.
Image by: 1) Mark Harper - New Guinea  2) Ron Knight - Sumba

Parrot,_Song also Singing Parrot  Geoffroyus heteroclitus  Found: New Guinea and vicinity
Image by: 1) John_and_Jemi_Holmes - Bismarck Archipelago
1) Male

Genus Lathamus - 1 species

Parrot,_Swift  Lathamus discolor  Found: Australia
The Swift Parrot has most green plumage; brighter underparts; bluish crown; red above and below bill. Female slightly duller.
Image by: 1) Frank Wouters - Antwerp Zoo  2)  Brian_McCauley  3) JJ Harrison - Tasmania

Genus Loriculus
The Hanging Parrots are unique in their ability to sleep upside-down. The are usually mainly green and have a red rump. They are found in tropical southeast Asai, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea. See also Psitt_Parrot_AS.

Parrot,_Green-fronted_Hanging-  Loriculus tener  Found: Bismarck Archipelago in New Guinea
Image by: 1) Joseph_Smit

Parrot,_Papuan Hanging-  also  Orange-fronted Hanging Parrot  Loriculus aurantiifrons  Found: New Guinea and nearby islands
The male Papuan Hanging-Parrot has mainly green plumage; yellow fore-crown; red patch on throat; red upper-tail, rump. Female has blue or green fore-crown; smaller red patch on throat.
Image by: Joseph Smit - Biodiversity Heritage Library  2) Greg Miles
1) Juvenile

Genus Melopsittacus - 1 species  

Budgerigar also Budgie    Melopsittacus undulatus  Found: Australia
The naturally colored Budgerigar has green and yellow plumage with black scalloped marking on the upperparts. Captive birds have been breed to have blue, white, or gray.
Image by: 1) Sandy Cole - Birds of Eden, South Africa    2) Dick Daniels - Birds of Eden 
    3) Elektrofisch  4) Jerry Tillery - Fort Worth Zoo  5)  Sharon Brogan  6) Video by Avibirds.   More vidoes

Genus Micropsitta

Parrot,_Buff-faced Pygmy-  Micropsitta pusio  Found: New Guinea
The Buff-faced Pygmy-Parrot has green upperparts; buff-brown face; yellowish-green underparts; light-gray bill; yellow, blue, and black tail.
Image by: 1, 3) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Joseph Wolf

Parrot,_Finsch's_Pygmy-also Green Pygmy-Parrot  Micropsitta finschii  Found: east of New Guinea
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Josep_del_Hoyo

Parrot,_Geelvink Pygmy-  Micropsitta geelvinkiana  Found: Bismarck Archipelago, New Guinea, Solomon islands
The Geelvink Pygmy-Parrot has deep brown head; one subspecies has some blue on crown; orange-yellow underparts with green flanks; gray bill.
Image by: 1) John Gerrard Keulemans  2) Bram Demeulemeester 

Parrot,_Meek's_Pygmy-  Micropsitta meeki  Found: New Guinea
The Meek's Pygmy-Parrot has mid-brown crown, nape, face; yellow throat, underparts.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2)

Parrot,_Red-breasted_Pygmy-  Micropsitta bruijnii  Found: New Guinea
The Red-breasted Pygmy-Parrot has mainly green plumage; blue on sides of breast extending to collar and nape; pale red center-underparts. Female has less blue.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Nigel_Voaden
2) Female on left

Parrot,_Yellow-capped_Pygmy-  Micropsitta keiensis  Found: New Guinea
The Yellow-capped Pygmy-Parrot has mainly green plumage; yellow crown; brown face changing to green on lower cheeks; blue central tail feathers; gray bill; brown eyes.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) John_Gerrard_Keulemans

Genus Neophema
These are small Australian parrots, and thus perhaps should be more aptly called parakeets. Most have mainly green plumage; often have blue on the head and wings. Females are duller than males.

Parrot,_Blue-winged  Neophema chrysostoma  Found: southeast Australia, Tasmania
The male Blue-winged Parrot has olive-green upperparts; green breast transitions to yellow belly. Female duller green in color. Both sexes have blue frontal band; blue outer wing feathers; dark bill does not extend much from head.
Similar to: Elegant Parrot. Elegant Parrot has yellower upperparts than Blue-winged Parrot.
Similar to: Orange-bellied Parrot. Blue frontal-band of Blue-winged Parrot is more sharply defined than blue frontal band of Orange-bellied Parrot. Frontal-band of Blue-winged Parrot extends to the eyes; that of Orange-bellied Parrot fades near the eyes.
Image by: 1) KeresH - Tasmania  2, 3) JJ Harrison in Tasmania, Australia  4)  Nik_Borrow

Parrot,_Bourke's  Neophema bourkii also Neopsephotus bourkii  Found: Australia
The male Bourke's Parrot has olive-brown upperparts; pinkish underparts; blue rump; gray bill. Female duller than male.
Image by: 1) Laurie_Boyle  2, 4)  David Cook - Queensland, Australia  3) Jan Tik  

Parrot,_Elegant  Neophema elegans  Found: southwest and south central Australia
The male elegant Parrot has olive-yellow upperparts; green breast transitions to yellow belly. Female duller green in color. Both sexes have blue frontal band; blue outer wing feathers; dark bill does not extend much from head.
Similar to: Blue-winged Parrot. Elegant Parrot has yellower upperparts than Blue-winged Parrot.
Image by: 1) Ron Knight - south Australia  2) Quartl   3) Brian_McCauley
1) Female  2, 3) Male

  Neophema chrysogaster  Found: southern Australia
The male Orange-bellied Parrot has bright green upperparts; yellow underparts with orange belly patch. Female duller green in color. Both sexes have blue frontal band; blue outer wing feathers; dark bill does not extend much from head.
Similar to: Blue-winged Parrot. Blue frontal-band of Blue-winged Parrot is more sharply defined than blue frontal band of Orange-bellied Parrot. Frontal-band of Blue-winged Parrot extends to the eyes; that of Orange-bellied Parrot fades near the eyes.
Image by: 1) Roger Smith  2) JJ Harrison  3) Ron Knight - Tasmania 4) Roger Smith
1) Female  2, 3, 4) Male

Parrot,_Rock  Neophema petrophila  Found: coast southern Australia and coastal Western Australia
The Rock Parrot has mainly olive-brown plumage; diffuse blue frontal band; bluish lores; yellow abdomen, vent. Female is duller than male. The Parrot Rock is the dullest of the Neophema parrots.
Image by: 1) Cas Liber - Western Australia  2) jacksnipe1990  3) butupa  4) Laurie_Boyle
1, 2) Female  3, 4) Male

Parrot,_Scarlet-chested also Scarlet-chested Parakeet Neophema splendida   Found: Australia
The Scarlet-chested Parrot green upperparts; blue face; scarlet breast; yellow belly; green tail. Female has green instead of scarlet breast. 
Similar to: Turquoise Parrot. Male Scarlet-breasted Parrot has scarlet breast; Turquoise Parrot has greenish-yellow breast.
Image by: 1, 2) David Cook  3) Greg Hume - Cincinnati Zoo  4) Trisha Shears - Cincinnati Zoo  5) Roger Smith - Adelaide Zoo
1, 2) Juvenile 

Parrot,_Turquoise  Neophema pulchella  Found: Australia
The Turquoise Parrot has green upperparts;  blue and green wings; turquoise face; greenish-yellow underparts. Female is duller.
Similar to: Scarlet-chested Parrot. Male Scarlet-breasted Parrot has scarlet breast; Turquoise Parrot has greenish-yellow breast
Image by:1, 3) Diana_Padrón 2) Lip Kee Yap - NSW, Australia  4) 4028mdk09    
1, 2)) Female  3, 4) Male

Genus Northiella

Bluebonnet,_Greater  also  Eastern Bluebonnet  Northiella haematogaster  Found: eastern Australia
The male Bluebonnet has olive-gray upperparts, head; blue face; yellow underparts with varying amount of red. Female as male but with less blue and red.
Image by: 1, 3) David Cook  2, 4) Benjamint444.jpg

Bluebonnet,_Naretha   Northiella narethae  Found: western Australia
Image by: 1) Graeme_Chapman

Genus Pezoporus

Parrot,_Western Ground  Pezoporus wallicus  Found: Australia
The Western Ground Parrot has bright green plumage; red frontal band; long tail. Eastern Ground Parrot is of similar shape but darker.
Image by: 1, 2) Brent Barrett  3) Aviceda
1, 2) Western Ground Parrot (P. w. flaviventris)   3) Eastern Ground Parrot (P. w. wallicus)

Parrot,_Night  Pezoporus occidentalis  Found: Australia
The Night Parrot has yellowish-green plumage mottled with dark brown, black, and yellow. They are mainly terrestrial and nocturnal. It one of the most elusive and mysterious birds in the world.
Image by: 1) Martin_Thompson

Genus Platycercus 
The Rosellas are colorful medium sized Australian parrots with long tails. Their backs have a scalloped appearance and they have cheek patches.

Rosella, Crimsom  also Yellow Rosella Platycercus elegans   Found: Australia, New Zealand (introduced)
The Crimson Rosella has black back; blue cheeks, outer edge of wing coverts; blue tail. Red or yellow head, underparts.
Image by: 1) Oystercatcher  2) Ron Knioght  3) Fir002 - Victoria, Australia   4) JJ Harrison - Wilsons Promontory, Victoria  5) Nik_Borrow
1) Juvenile  2) Yellow Rosella

Rosella, Eastern  Platycercus eximius   Found: Australia, New Zealand (introduced)
The Eastern Rosella has black shoulders and back with yellow or greenish scalloping; red head with white cheeks; red upper-breast; yellow lower-brest; yellow belly fades to green vent; green tail edged with blue; white bill.
Image by: 1, 2)JJ Harrison - Tasmania, Australia   3) David Cook - Canberra, ACT, Australia  4) Charlie Westerinen - Tasmania
1) Juvenile  4) P. e. diemenensis

Rosella, Green  Platycercus caledonicus  Found: Australia
The Green Rosella has black upperparts with narrow green margins; yellow head with blue cheeks and red frontal band above bill; yellow underparts; green tail with blue outer feathers.
Image by: 1) Aviceda  2) Sammy Sam  3) JJ Harrison   4) Nik_Borrow

Rosella,_Northern Platycercus venustus  Found: Australia
The Northern Rosella has blackish upperparts with yellow scalloping; blackish head and nape with white cheeks; pale yellow underparts with some black scalloping; blue-green tail and edges of wing coverts.
Image by: 1, 2) Geoff_Whalan  3) Aviceda - Northern Territory 

Rosella, Pale-headed  Platycercus adscitus  Found: Australia
The Pale-headed Rosella has orange upper-back scalloped with black; blue-and-black lower-back; blue-black tail; yellow to white head; whitish face; pale blue underparts.
Image by:1) EcologyWeb - QLD  2) Aviceda - Queensland  3) Glen Fergus - Brisbane   4) Mark Purnell - QLD  5) Richard Fisher - QLD   

Rosella, Western Platycercus icterotis   Found: Australia
The Western Rosella has a black back with lighter scalloping; red head with yellow cheeks; red underparts; blue and green wings; green or blue tail.
Image by: 1) Stephan Barnett  2) Bentley Smith   3) Tony Brown  4) node_worx

Genus Polytelis 
Australian long-tailed parrots.

Parrot,_Princess also Alexandra's Parrot Polytelis alexandrae   Found: central Australia
The Princess Parrot has olive upperparts; greenish-yellow wing coverts; bluish crown; yellowish-gray breast; pinkish throat, belly; blue rump; red bill.
Image by: 1, 2) Davepape - Buffalo Zoo  3) PG Palmer  4) Charlie Westerinen - Koala Park, Australia

Parrot,_Regent Polytelis anthopeplus Found: southern Australia
The Regent Parrot has a green pack with yellow tinge; yellow underparts; pink bill; bluish-black flight feathers, tail.
Image by: 1) Arthur Chapman   2) JJ Harrisonin - Canberra_Australia  3) David_Cook  4) Kym_Farnik
2) Juvenile

Parrot,_Superb  Polytelis swainsonii  Found: southeastern Australia
The Superb Parrot has mainly green plumage; yellowish green underparts. Male has red throat-breast area; yellow forehead, cheeks.
Image by: 1) Michael Dawes - Quesland  2) teejaybee  3) Paul Gear - Queensland  4) Tony Morris - New South Wales 

Genus Prosopeia Found: Fiji

Parrot,_Crimson_Shining-   Prosopeia splendens  Found: Fiji
The Crimson Shining-Parrot has green upperparts; hints of blue on wings; crimson-red head, underparts.
Image by: 1) Ian_sutton  2) P-Khoo

Parrot,_Masked_Shining-   Prosopeia personata  Found: Fiji
Image by: 1) Ian_Sutton  2) John_Cummings
2) Specimen

Parrot,_Red_Shining- also Maroon Shining-Parrot   Prosopeia tabuensis  Found: Fiji, Tonga (introduced)
Similar to: Crimson Shining-Parrot. Crimson Shining-Parrot has move definitive blue on wings.
Image by: 1) Biodiversity_Heritage_Library  2) Duncan_Wright  3) Ian_Sutton  4) Rainer_Burkard

Genus Psephotus   
These are Australian parakeet-type species.

Parrot,_Paradise  also  Paradise Parakeet  Psephotus pulcherrimus  Found:

Parrot,_Golden-shouldered  Psephotus chrysopterygius  Found: Queensland (Australia)
The male Golden-shouldered Parrot has mainly blue plumage; yellow over shoulder area; black cap; yellow forehead. Female has dull greenish-yellow upperparts; gray cap;
Image by: 1) GossipGuy  2) TheGirlsNY
1) Male - top; female - bottom

Parrot,_Hooded Psephotus dissimilis   Found: Australia
The male Hooded Parrot has brown back; yellow wing coverts; turquoise-blue head with black hood; turquoise-blue underparts; blue-green rump; green tail. Female has green upperparts; bluish-gray head; bluish underparts.
Image by: 1) Frank Wouters  2) Aviceda - Northwest Territory  3, 4) Sandy Cole - Sylvan Heights
1) Female  2, 3, 4) Male

Parrot,_Mulga    Psephotus varius  Found: Australia
The male Mulga Parrot has green upperparts with blue tinged nape and mantle; yellow frorehead; greenish wings with yellow patch on wing coverts; light green underparts; green rump. Female is duller with olive-brown head, breast; red shoulder patch; light green belly.
Image by: 1) Aviceda - Currawinya NP, SW Queensland, Australia   2) TonyBphoto   3) Sandy Cole - Sylvan Heights   5, 6) David Cook - South Australia  4, 7 Nik_Borrow
1) Female left, male right  2, 3, 4) Female  5, 6, 7) Male

Parrot,_Red-rumped  Psephotus haematonotus  Found: Australia
The male Red-rumped Parrot has emerald green upperparts with blue highlights; yellow underparts; red rump. Female has green upperparts; paler green underparts.
Image by: 1, 4, 5) Oystercatcher  JJ Harrison  2, 6) Lip Kee - New South Wales 3)  Nik_Borrow - NSW
1, 2) Female  3 - 7) Male

Genus Psittacella
The Tiger-Parrots have yellow and black stripes like a tiger.

Parrot,_Brehm's Tiger-  Psittacella brehmii  Found: New Guinea
The Brehm's Tiger-Parrot has olive-green upperparts with black bars on back and rump; drab brown head; yellowish-green underparts. Male has yellow stripe on side of neck. Female has black barring on underparts.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2, 3) Jerry Oldenettel - New Guinea  4) Mark A Harper - New Guinea 
2, 3) Female  4) Male

Parrot,_Modest_Tiger-  Psittacella modesta  Found: New Guinea
The male Modest Tiger-Parrot has green upperparts - feathers finely edged with black; paler underparts; dark brown crown, forehead, lores; olive-brown face; dull olive/yellow nape; blue/gray bill tipped with white; orange eye. Female has faint yellow marking on hind neck; darker brown head; darker green underparts.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Nik_Borrow

Parrot,_Madarasz's_Tiger-  Psittacella madaraszi  Found: New Guinea
Image by: 1)

Parrot,_Painted Tiger-  Psittacella picta  Found: New Guinea
The male Painted Tiger-Parrot has green upperparts with black barring on the back; yellow band on side of neck; red-brown crown and adjacent areas; red rump; green underparts with blue wash on breast. Female similar to male with barring on breast instead of back and no yellow neck stripe.
Image by: 1,  2) John Gerrard Keulemans  3, 4) Katerina_Tvardikova 
2) Male left, female right  3, 4) Male

Genus Psittaculirostris

Parrot,_Edwards's Fig-  also Scarlet-cheeked Fig-Parrot  Psittaculirostris edwardsii  Found: New Guinea
The male Edwards's Fig-Parrot has bright green back, wings, tail; ruffed appearing red cheeks; ruffed appearing yellow ear coverts; red throat, breast; blue upper-breast band; black bill. Female similar but wider blue-back band on yellow-green breast.
Image by: 1)  2) Katerina_Tvardikova

Parrot,_Large Fig-   also  Desmarest's Fig Parrot  Psittaculirostris desmarestii  Found: New Guinea
The Large Fig--Parrot has orange-red fore-crown, forehead; orange-yellow rear-crown, nape; blue patch below eye; black bill.
Image by: 1) Katerina_Tvardikova  2) Unknown

Parrot,_Salvadori's_Fig-  Psittaculirostris salvadorii  Found: New Guinea
The male Salvadori's Fig-Parrot has orange breast-patch; yellow cheeks. The female has pale blue breast patch; greenish-yellow cheeks.
Image by: 1) foto_lulu

Genus Psittrichas - 1 species

Parrot,_Pesquet's  also  Vultureine Parrot  Psittrichas fulgidus  Found: New Guinea
The Pesquet's Parrot has black upperparts; gray chest with light barring; red belly; small vulture like head.
Image by: 1) Doug Janson  2) Greg Hume - Cincinnati Zoo

Genus Purpureicephalus - 1 species

Parrot,_Red-capped Purpureicephalus spurius   Found: Australia
The Red-capped Parrot has a red cap; green upperparts; yellow face; blue breast, upper-belly; red lower-flanks and thighs; green tail with blue edges and blue neared the end; light gray bill. Female duller, green mixed with red on crown; 
Image by:1) Ralph_Green  2) Bill and Mark Bell   3) Bradford Jones  4) jacksnipe1990
1) Juvenile

Order Psittaciformes    Family Strigopidae

Genus Nestor

Kaka,_New_Zealand  Nestor meridionalis  Found: New Zealand
The New Zealand Kaka grayish-brown nape; grayish-white forehead, crown; more reddish neck, belly; brownish wings.
Image by: 1) Duncan_Wright  2) Small  3) DigitalTrails

Kea also Mountain Parrot Nestor notabilis   Found: New Zealand
Image by: 1, 2, 3) Dick Daniels - New Zealand     4) Andrej_Chudy

Genus Strigops - 1 species

Kakapo   Strigops habroptila   Found: New Zealand
The Kakapo has finely blotched yellow-green plumage; facial disk; large gray beak; short legs. It is the world's only flightless parrot.
Image by: 1) Department_of_Conservation  2) mnolf

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