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The following was copied from Columbia Travel's website.

At COLOMBIA Birding we have one simple goal: sharing that same joy and making all of our clients happy! I say simple because we are a small company, carefully operated by few people allowing us to offer totally customized birding trips for every client. We strive to customize the fine details of every aspect of the trip, so we prefer not to offer pre-arranged tours, but rather to tailor each one to our client’s specific requirements, wishes, and budget. We only need your desire to come birding even if you have never been to the Neotropics before, or know nothing about Colombia. You provide us with some basic information: how much time you will have; the areas in which you would like to bird; what kind of accommodation, food and transportation you prefer; and your specific target birds. We will then build several suggested itineraries and work with you to plan out the perfect trip; afterwards, the rest is easy: let’s go to the field for the birds mi amigo!

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