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Order Passeriformes    Family Tityridae

Tityridae is family of suboscine passerine birds found in forest and woodland in the Neotropics. The approximately 30 species in this family were formerly spread over the families Tyrannidae, Pipridae and Cotingidae.

Genus Iodopleura
Their name is a reference to the purple feather tufts on the flanks of the male, but these are often not visible when the wings are held closed, and females lack them entirely.

Purpletuff,_Buff-throated  Iodopleura pipra   Found: eastern Brazil
Image by: 1) Nick Athanas  2) Joao_Quental  3) Rick elis.simpson
1) Female 2, 3) Male

Purpletuff,_Dusky  Iodopleura fusca   Found: mainly in Guianas
Image by: 1) alapi973

Purpletuff,_White-browed  Iodopleura isabellae   Found: Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezueal
Image by: 1) Claudio_Timm - Brazil  2, 3) Nick Athanas - Brazil, Ecuador
1, 2) Female 3) Male

Genus Laniisoma - 1 species

Cotinga,_Shrike-like  Laniisoma elegans   Found: Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru. Venezuela
Image by: 1) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Lee_Dingain  2) Ana Agreda  3) Nick Athanas - Brazil

Genus Laniocera

Mourner,_Cinereous  Laniocera hypopyrra   Found: central and northern South America
The Cinereous Mourner has mainly gray plumage; tuft of bright orange near shoulders.
Image by: 1) Hector_Bottai

Mourner,_Speckled  Laniocera rufescens   Found: Mexico, Central Amercia, Columbia, Ecuador
The Speckled Mourner has reddish-brown upperparts; some barring on wings; similar underparts with darker scaling.
Image by: 1) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Sam_Woods  2) Aaron_Maizlish - Panama

Genus Oxyruncus - 1 species

Sharpbill  Oxyruncus cristatus  Found: Costa Rica, Panama, South America
The Sharpbill has scaling on the head, neck; black spotted yellowish underparts; orange erectile crest. Some think the sparpbills should be placed in their own family.
Image by: 1) Joseph_Smit  2) Rick_Ellis_Simpson  3) Nick Athanas - Brazil  4) Claudio Timm

Genus Pachyramphus

Becard,_Barred  Pachyramphus versicolor   Found: Costa Rica, Panama, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
The male Barred Becard has black upperparts with much white in wings; yellowish-green sides of head, chin; whitish underparts with fine black barring. Female has olive-green upperparts; gray crown, nape; mainly rufous wings; greenish-yellow underparts with fine barring.
Image by: 1, 3) Nick Athanas - Ecuador  2) Alejandro_Tamayo

Becard,_Black-and-white  Pachyramphus albogriseus   Found: Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela
The male Black-and-white Becard has mainly gray upperparts; blank and white wings; black crown; pale gray underparts. Female has rufous crown with black border; yellow underparts.
Image by: 1) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Roger_Ahlman in Ecuador  2) Nick Athanas - Ecuador

Becard,_Chestnut-crowned  Pachyramphus castaneus  Found: South America
Image by: 1) Dario Sanches  2) Nick Athanas - Brazil  3) Ron_Knight - Argentina

Becard,_Cinereous  Pachyramphus rufus   Found: northern South America
The male Cinereous Becard has mainly gray plumage; paler underparts; black crown; pale lores. Female has mainly rufous-brown plumage; paler underparts, lores.
Image by: 1) Claudio_Timm  2) Wilson_Cabanzo - Columbia  3, 4) Barloventomagico
1, 2) Female 3, 4) Male

Becard,_Cinnamon  Pachyramphus cinnamomeus   Found: Central America, Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela
The Cinnamom Becard has mainly rufous-brown plumage; chestnut crown.
Image by: 1) Nick Athanas - Costa Rica  2) Steve_Garvie   3) Aaron_Maizlish - Panama

Becard,_Crested  Pachyramphus validus   Found: South America
The male Crested Becard has dark gray upperparts; semi-concealed white back patch; black crest; pale gray underparts. Female has rufous upperparts; gray crown; dull cinnamon underparts.
Image by: 1, 2) Dario_Sanches - Brazil  3, 4) Ben_Tavener - Brazil
1, 2) Female 3, 4) Male

Becard,_Glossy-backed  Pachyramphus surinamus   Found: northeastern Brazil, Guianas
The male Glossy-blacked Becard has glossy black upperparts, crown, wings; white rest. Female has gray upperparts; black wings; some rufous in crown; white underparts
Image by: 1, 2) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online  -Anselmo_d'Affonseca
1) Female 2) Male

Becard,_Gray-collared  Pachyramphus major   Found: Mexico, Nicaragua
The male Gray-collared Becard has black back, crown, tail, wings;pale gray collar, underparts. Female brown upperparts; black eye-line; pale yellow collar, underparts.
Image by: 1) Nigel_Voaden - Mexico  2) Ron_Knight

Becard,_Green-backed  Pachyramphus viridis  Found: South America
Image by: 1, 2) Claudio Timm  3) Nick Athanas - Brazil  4) Pedro Inacio de Paula

Becard,_One-colored  Pachyramphus homochrous   Found: Columbia, Ecuador, extreme north Peru, Venezuela
The male One-colored Becard has black upperparts; gray underparts. Female has rufous back, wings; cinnamon head; paler underparts.
Image by: 1, 2) Nick Athanas - Columbia, Ecuador  3) Francesco_Veronesi - Ecuador
1) Female 2, 3) Male

Becard,_Pink-throated  Pachyramphus minor   Found: northern Brazil and surrounding countries
The male Pink-throated Becard had black upperparts; gray underparts; relatively small and dark pink throat patch.Female has grayisg crown, mantle; cinnamon face, neck, undrparts.
Image by: 1) Marcel_Holyoak - Ecuador  2) Hector_Bottai  3) Nick Athanas - Ecuador
1) Female 3) Male

Becard,_Rose-throated  Pachyramphus aglaiae   Found: southwest United States through Central America
Image by: 1) Carol Foil - Belize  2, 4) Jerry Oldenettel - Costa Rica  3) Jorge Montejo - Mexico
1, 2) Female  3, 4) Male

Becard,_Slaty  Pachyramphus spodiurus   Found: mainly Peru; also nearby Ecuador
Image by: 1) Joseph_Smit  2) Tadeusz_Stawarczyk  1, 2) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Sam_Woods, Tadeusz_Stawarczyk
1) Female 2) Male

Becard,_White-winged  Pachyramphus polychopterus  Found: Central and South America
Image by: 1, 4) Carlos_Henrique - Brazil  2) Aaron_Maizlish - Panama  3) Gustavo Fernando Durán   5) Dominic Sherony  6) Nick Athanas - Pamana , Ecuador
1 - 3) Female  4 - 6) Male

Genus Schiffornis

Schiffornis,_Brown-winged  Schiffornis turdina   Found: mainly Brazi; also Bolivial, Peru
The Brown-winged Schiffornis has brown or olive upperparts; paler underparts, usually some gray.
Image by: 1) Cal_Martins  Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Alexander_Lees

Schiffornis,_Greenish  Schiffornis virescens   Found: mainly southern Brazil; also Argentina, Paraguay
Image by: 1) Claudio_Timm  2) Dario_Sanches - Brazil  3) Nick_Athanas = Brazil

Schiffornis,_Northern  Schiffornis veraepacis   Found: Mexico to Columbia, Venezuela
Image by: 1) Andres_Cuervo - Panama  2) Nick Athanas - Ecuador

Schiffornis,_Olivaceous  Schiffornis olivacea   Found: mainly northeast Brazil; also the Guianas, eastern Venezuela
Image by: 1) J Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Joao_Quental

Schiffornis,_Russet-winged  Schiffornis stenorhyncha   Found: Panama, Columbia, Venezuela
Image by: 1) Andres_Cuervo  2) Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Josh_Beck

Schiffornis,_Vrazea also Greater Schiffornis  Schiffornis major   Found: Brazil and surrounding countries
Image by: 1) Peter_Bono - Brazil  2) Arthur_Grosset - Brazil  Cornell_Univ's_Neotropical_Birds_Online - Joe_Tobias

Genus Tityra
These species have large bills. They are found in forest clearings and edges, second growth and other semi-open habitats such as plantation shade trees. The eggs are laid in a bed of dry leaves in a tree hole, often an old woodpecker nest.

Tityra,_Black-crowned Tityra inquisitor  Found: South America
The male Black-crowned Tityra has mainly white plumage; black crown, wing, tail. Only male tityra with no red on face.
Image by: 1, 2) Carlos_Henrique  3) NomdePloom 
1) Female , 32) Male

Tityra,_Black-tailed Tityra cayana  Found: Brazil and surrounding countries
The Black-tailed Tityra has mainly white plumage; black head, wing, tail; red ocular skin. Female has dark brown instead of black.
Image by: 1) Barloventomagico  2) Nick Athanas - Ecuador

Tityra,_Masked  Tityra semifasciata  Found: Central and South America
Image by: 1, 2) Nick Athanas - Costa Rica  3)  Andy_Morffew - Costa Rica 

Genus Xenopsaris - 1 species

Xenopsaris,_White-naped  Xenopsaris albinucha   Found: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela
Image by: 1) Hector_Bottai  2) Nick Athanas - Brazil

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