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Muscicapidae is a large family of small birds restricted to the Old World. These are mainly small arboreal insectivores, many of which, take their prey on the wing. The appearance of these birds is very varied, but they mostly have weak songs and harsh calls. They vary 10 to 21 cm. Many species are a dull brown in color. Most have broad, flattened, bill, suited to catching insects in flight, although the few ground foraging species typically have finer bills. They live in almost every environment with a suitable supply of trees, from dense forest to open scrub. The more northerly species migrate south in winter, ensuring a continuous diet of insects.


Order Passeriformes    Family Muscicapidae

Genus Brachypteryx
Found in: southeast Asia

Shortwing, Blue also White-browed Shortwing  Brachypteryx montana   Found: Asia
Image by: 1, 2, 3) Hiyashi Haka  4) Afi Chen

Shortwing, Gould's  Brachypteryx stellata Found: Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam
The Gould's Shortwing has chestnut upperparts; dark gray underparts with white spots on belly; brown legs; black bill.
Image by: 1) John Gould  2) Frieda6688

Shortwing, Rusty-bellied  Brachypteryx hyperythra Found: China, India, Myanmar.
Image by: 1) Subhadeep Ghosh

Shortwing,_Lesser  Brachypteryx leucophris Found: Java, Lesser Sundas, Sumatra of southeast Asia
Image by: 1) Dave Curtis  2) Francesco_Veronesi - West Java  3) CW_So

Genus Calliope
These species were previously placed in genus Luscinia

Firethroat   Calliope pectardens  Found: Asia
The Firethroat has blue-black upperparts; red throat, breast; white belly.
Image by: 1) Dave_Curtis  2) Roger_Chen  3) Dave Curtis
1) Juvenile

Robin,_Black-throated Blue also Blackthroat Calliope obscura  Found: China, Thailand (rare)
Image by: 1) Tang Jun  2) Gustav_Mutzel 3) Summer_Wong

Rubythroat,_Siberian   Calliope calliope  Found: Asia
The Siberian Rubythroat has plain brown upperparts; black tail with red side patches; white supercilium. . Male has red throat with narrow black border and wider white board above the black. Female lacks the red throat and borders.
Image by: 1, 3, 5) Hiyashi Haka  2) Robert tdc  4) Sergey Yeliseev  6) Andy_Li
1 - 3) Female  3 - 6) Mal

Rubythroat,_White-tailed   Calliope pectoralis  Found: along the Himalyas
The male White-tailed Rubythroat has brown upperparts, crown, nape; red throat; white forehead, supercilium, belly; black breast, sides of throat;  white-tipped tail. Female has dull grayish-brown upperparts, upper-breast; white throat; whitish belly.
Image by: 1) Dolly_Laishram  2) Rakeshkdogra - India  3) Imran_Shah - Pakistan  4) Alastair_Rae

Genus Cercotrichas  some were previous in Erythropygia
Scrub robins are mainly African species of open woodland or scrub, which nest in bushes or on the ground, but the rufous-tailed scrub robin also breeds in southern Europe and east to Pakistan. They are not closely related to the Australian scrub-robins,

Robin,_African Scrub-  Cercotrichas minor   Found: central Africa
The African Scrub-Robin is sometimes considered to be a subspecies of the Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin.
Image by: 1) Nigel Voaden

Robin,_Bearded_Scrub-  Cercotrichas quadrivirgata  Found: Africa
Image by: 1) Dick Daniels - specimen in Nairobi National Museum, Kenya  2) Francesco Veronesi  3) Ian White - Botswana  4) Charles_J_Sharp  5) Alan_Manson

Robin,_Black Scrub-  Cercotrichas podobe   Found: Africa
Image by: 1) Ron Knight  2) ChriKo - Niger

Robin,_Brown_Scrub-  Cercotrichas signata   Found: Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland
Image by: 1) Alan Manson 2) Brendan_Ryan - South Africa  3) Maans_Booysen 
1) Juvenile

Robin,_Brown-backed Scrub-  Cercotrichas hartlaubi   Found: Africa
The Brown-backed Scrub-Robin isfound in Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.
Image by: 1) Francesco Veronesi - Uganda

Robin,_Forest_Scrub-  Cercotrichas leucosticta   Found: Afrcia
Image by: 1) Joseph Smit  2) Charles_Davies - Angola

Robin,_Kalahari Scrub-  Cercotrichas paena   Found: Angola, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe
The Kalahari Scrub-Robin occurs in sandveld with low trees and scrub, on the edges of woodland, and in savanna. It will also inhabit human-altered environments including old fields and gardens.
Image by: 1) Charles Sharp - South Africa  2, 3) Derek Keats - South Africa  4) Alastair Rae
1) Juvenile

Robin,_Karoo_Scrub-  Cercotrichas coryphaeus  also Cercotrichas coryphoeus  Found: Africa
The Karoo Scrub-Robin has dark grayish-brown upperparts; narrow black eye-stripe; white supercilium, partial eye-ring; buff underparts; black bill, legs.
Image by: 1) Cristiano Crolle - Paternoster, South Africa  2) Alan Manson - South Africa  3) Arthur Chapman - South Africa  4) Alan_Manson

Robin,_Miombo Scrub-  Cercotrichas barbata   Found: Africa
The Miombo Scrub-Robin is found in Angola, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia.
Image by: 1) Nigel Voaden - DR Congo  2) Maans_Booysen - Angola

Robin,_Rufous-tailed_Scrub-  Cercotrichas galactotes   Found: Africa, Asia
The Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin has brown upperparts; whitish underparts, supercilium; dark eye-line; long rufous tail.
Image by: 1) Gary Clark - Morocco  2, 4) Agustín_Povedano  3) El_Golli_Mohamed - Tunisia

Robin,_White-browed_Scrub-  also Red-backed Scrub-robin   Cercotrichas leucophrys   Found: Africa
Image by:  1) Dick Daniels - South Africa  2) Alan_Manson  3) Yathin_Krishnappa - Tanzania  4) Francesco_Veronesi -  Kenya

Genus Cinclidium - 1 species

Robin,_Blue-fronted  Cinclidium frontale Found: Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
Image by: 1) Francesco Veronesi - Buhtan  2) Graham Ekins

Genus Copsychus
Found in: Africa, Asia

Robin,_Indian  Copsychus fulicatus    Found: Asia
The male Indian Robin has mainly black plumage (northern population has brownish upperparts); white shoulder patch/stripe may be hidden; chestnut under-tail. Female has brownish upperparts; no white on shoulder; grayish underparts.
Image by: 2)  Challiyan  1, 3, 4) J M Garg - India  6)  Charles_J_Sharp - India
1) Female

Robin,_Madagascar Magpie-  Copsychus albospecularis  Found: Madagascar
The male Madagascar Magpie-Robin has mainly black plumage; white shoulder stripe. Female has gray-brown upperparts; gray throat, breast; white shoulder patch; whitish belly.
Image by: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6) Dick Daniels - Madagascar  3) Frank Vassen - Madagascar 
1, 2, 3) Female  4, 5, 6) Male

Robin,_Oriental Magpie-  Copsychus saularis  Found: Asia
The male Oriental Magpie-Robin has black upperparts, head, throat, breast; white shoulder patch, belly. Female is grayish-black instead of black.
Image by: 1, 5) JJ Harrison - Chiang Mai, Thailand  2, 7) Dick Daniels - Nepal  3) Charlie Westerinen - Bangkok,Thailand  4) JM_Garg   5) Hiyashi Haka 8) Dick - Miami Zoo
1 - 4) Female  5 - 8) Male

Robin,_Philippines Magpie-  Copsychus mindanensis Found: Philippines
The Philippines Magpie-Robin used to be a subspecies of the Oriental Magpie-Robin.
Image by: 1) Bio Diversity Library  2) Alabang
1) Top - male; Bottom - Female 2) male

Robin, Seychelles Magpie-  Copsychus sechellarum  Found: Seychelles islands
The Seychelles Magpie-Robin has mainly black plumage with white wings.
Image by: 1, 2, 3) Adian Scottow

Shama, Andaman   Copsychus albiventris  Found: Andaman Islands of Indian Ocean
Image by: 1) Joseph Smit  2) Dave Irving

Shama, Black  Copsychus cebuensis  Found: Cebu island in the Philippines
Image by: 1, 2) Grampa50

Shama, Rufous-tailed  Copsychus pyrropygus  Found: Borneo, , Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
The Rufous-tailed Shama was formerly in the monotypic genus Trichixos.
Image by: 1) Unknown  2, 3) Marcel Holyoak

Shama, Visayan  Copsychus superciliaris  Found: Philippines
The Visayan Shama is also considered a subspecies of the White-browed Shama.
Image by: 1) Blake Matheson

Shama, White-browed  Copsychus luzoniensis  Found: Philippines
The Visayan Shama is also considered a subspecies of the White-browed Shama.
Image by: 1) Heinrich von Kittlitz  2) Marcel Holyoak

Shama, White-rumped   also  White-rumped Shama Thrush  Copsychus malabaricus  Found: Asia (south), Hawaii (introduced)
The male White-rumped Sharma has black glossy back; chestnut belly. The female is more grayish-brown. Both sexes have black bill, pink feet.
Image by: 1, 2, 4) DIck Daniels - Kauai, Hawaii  5) Dick - San Diego Zoo   6) Sandy Cole - Kauai, Hawaii   3) JJ Harrison - Thailand
1, 2, 3) Female  4, 5, 6) Male

Shama, White-vented  Copsychus niger  Found: Palawan of Philippines
Image by: 1) Rackk67  2) Eric Gropp

Genus Erithacus - 1 species

Robin (European) Erithacus rubecula   Found: Europe, Asia
Image by: 1) Dick Daniels - England  2) Juan Emilio 3) Causinho 4)  Agustin_Povedano
1) Juvenile

Genus Heinrichia - 1 species

Shortwing, Great  Heinrichia calligyna  Found: Sulawesi (Indonesia)
The male Great Shortwing has mainlydark blue plumage; small white patch on either side of tail base. Female similar blue; white spot in front of eye; reddish-brown rump.
Image by: 1) Stan De Win

Genus Irania - 1 species

Robin,_White-throated  Irania gutturalis  Found: Africa, Asia
The breeding male White-throated Robin has lead gray upperparts; black face; white throat, supercilium; orange underparts; black tail. Female mainly gray; black tail; hints of orange on flanks; some white throat streaks.
Image by: 1) Sciadopitys - England (rare)  2) Sergey Yeliseev  3) Lusinemarg

Genus Larvivora

Robin,_Indian Blue  Larvivora brunnea  Found: southern Asia
The male Indian Blue Robin has blue upperparts; rufous underparts; black mask; white supercilium; whitish lower belly, under-tail. Female has olive-brown upperparts; light eye-ring; buff underparts.
Image by: 1) Gobind Bhardwa 2) Koshy_Koshy  3) Clement Francis  
1) Female 2) Juvenile male 3) Male

Robin,_Japanese   Larvivora akahige  Found: Asia
Image by: 1) Ainus  2) Lin_Sun_Fong - Taiwan  3) Tokumi_Ohsaka - Japan 

Robin,_ Rufous-headed  Larvivora ruficeps  Found: southeast Asia, Malaysia
The Rufous-headed Robin has gray upperparts; orange-rufous head; white throat with black bordering; underparts mostly white.
Image by: 1) John Gerrard Keulemans  2, 3) James Eaton - Cambodia
2) 1st winter female 3) Male

Robin,_ Rufous-tailed   Larvivora sibilans  Found: southern China, southeast Asia
The Rufous-tailed Robin has grayish-brown upperparts; heavily mottled breast; rufous rump, tail; whitish eye-ring; brownish-black bill; pinkish-gray legs.
Image by: 1) JJ Harrison  2) Characters  3, 4) Hiyashi Haka

Robin,_Ryukyu   Larvivora komadori  Found: Ryukyu Islands of Japan
Image by: 1) Lin_Sun_Fong  2) Daniel
1) Female  2) Male

Robin,_Siberian_Blue  Larvivora cyane  Found: Asia, Australasia
The male Siberan Blue Robin has blue upperparts; white underparts; thin white eye-ring. Female has brown upperparts, whitish underparts.
Image by: 1) Jason_Thompson   2,  3) JJ Harrison - Thailand   4) Hiyashi Haka
1, 2) Juvenile 3, 4) Male

Genus Leonardina - 1 species

Robin,_Bagobo  also  Bagobo Babbler  Leonardina woodi  Found: Philippines
Image by: 1) Rob_Hutchinson - Mindanao

Genus Luscinia
Found in: Europe, Asia, Africa

Bluethroat   Luscinia svecica   Found: North America (rare), Europe, Asia, Africa
The Bluethroat has a grayish brown back, white supercilium, whitish belly. The male has a blue bib edged below with successive black, white and rust colored borders. Female has a blackish crescent on the throat and breast.
Image by:  1) Sergey Yeliseev - Egypt  2) Yogendra Joshi - India   3) Agustin_Povedano   4)   Killer_9394
   5) Bogomolov - Moscow region  6) Daniel_Bastaja   7) Vitaliy Khustochka - Ukraine   8) Yuriy75 - Baikonur, Kazakhstan  9) Lin_Sun_Fong - Taiwan
1) First winter  2, 3, 4) Female  4 - 9) Male

Nightingale, Common  Luscinia megarhynchos  Found: Europe, Asia, Africa
The Common Nightingale has brown upperparts; reddish tail; white to buff underparts.
Similar to: Thrush Nightingale. Common Nightingale has some reddish coloring; Thrush Nightingale does not have any reddish coloring and is darker.
Image by:  1, 2) Agustin_Povedano   3) Le No - France  4) Cristiano Crolle - near Novara, Italy

Nightingale, Thrush  also  Sprosser  Luscinia luscinia  Found: Europe, Asia, Africa
The Thrush Nightingale has dark brown upperparts with an olive tinge; whitish chin and throat mottled with brown; spotted brown sides of throat.
Similar to: Common Nightingale. Common Nightingale has some reddish coloring; Thrush Nightingale does not have any reddish coloring and is darker.
Image by: 1) Sergey_Pisarevskiy - Siberia  2) Locaguapa  3) Frank Vassen - Poland  4) Vechek

Redstart,_White-bellied   Luscinia phaenicuroides  Found: southeast Asia
Image by: 1) Umeshsrinivasan  2) Naturelly  3) Patko Erika - Thailand 4) Francesco_Veronesi - Thailand
1) Juvenile female 2) Female   3, 4) Male

Genus Myiomela

Robin,_Sunda Myiomela diana also Cinclidium diana Found: Indonesia
Image by: 1) Francesco_Veronesi  2, 3) Lip_Kee 

Robin,_White-tailed   Myiomela leucura also Cinclidium leucurum  Found: southeast Asia
The White-tailed Robin is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Image by: 1, 4, 5) JJ Harrison - Thailand  2) Ansel.Ma  3,6) Hiyashi Haka 
1, 2 3) Female  4, 5, 6) Male

Genus Pogonocichla - 1 species

Robin,_White-starred also Starred Robin  Pogonocichla stellata  Found: Africa
Image by: 1) Sabine's Sunbird  2) Dick Daniels - specimen in Nairobi National Museum, Kenya   3) Alan Manson - South Africa  4) Dick Daniels - Tanzania. Identified by Charlie Westerinen

Genus Sholicola

Robin,_Nilgiri_Blue also  Nilgiri Blue Shortwing  Sholicola major also Brachypteryx major   Found: India
The Nilgiri Shortwing has dark slaty-blue upperparts, throat, breast; dark lores; buffy white center of belly.
Image by: 1) momaya 2) Jainy Kuriakose  3) Nilnetrus - Western Ghats  4) shrikant_rao

Robin,_White-bellied Blue  also  White-bellied Shortwing  Sholicola albiventris  also Brachypteryx montanav Found: India
The White=bellied Blue Robin has slaty-blue uipperparts, breast; black face mask; white forehead; white belly.
Image by: 1) Nazeer  2) Ram Mallya

Genus Stiphrornis - 1 species

Robin,_Forest  Stiphrornis erythrothorax  Found: central and west Africa
The Forest Robin has dark upperparts; orange throat, breast.
Image by: 1) Brian Schmidt

Genus Swynnertonia - 1 species

Robin,_Swynnerton's   Swynnertonia swynnertoni  Found: Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
The Swynnerton's Robin has white crescent on upper-breast bordered with black line.
Image by: 1) John Gerrard Keulemans  2) Derek Keats - Mozambique

Genus Tarsiger
Found in: Asia

Bluetail,_Himalayan   Tarsiger rufilatus   Found: Himalayas
The Himalayan Bluetail has blue tail, rump; white throat; grayish-white underparts; orange-red flanks; thin black bill; black legs. Male has deep blue upperparts; female has grayish-brown upperparts.
Similar to: Red-flanked Bluetail. Male Himalayan Bluetail has deeper blue than Red-flanked Bluetail; Female Himalayan Bluetail has grayer upperparts than Red-flanked Bluetail.
Image by: 1, 3) JM_Garg - India  2) JJ Harrison - Thailand

Bluetail, Red-flanked also Orange-flanked Bush-robin  Tarsiger cyanurus   Found: Europe, Asia 
The Red-flanked Bluetail has blue tail, rump; white throat; grayish-white underparts; orange-red flanks; thin black bill; black legs. Male has blue upperparts; female has brown upperparts.
Similar to: Himalayan Bluetail. Male Himalayan Bluetail has deeper blue than Red-flanked Bluetail; Female Himalayan Bluetail has grayer upperparts than Red-flanked Bluetail.
Image by:  1) Charles Lam  2) MaterialScientist - Tsukuba, Japan  3, 6) Shrikant_Rao - India 4) 57Andrew 5) Su Neko  7) Imran_Shah - Pakistan
1 - 3) Female  4 - 7) Male

Robin,_Collared_Bush-  Tarsiger johnstoniae  Found: Taiwan
Image by: 1) Francesco Veronesi - Taiwan  2) Hiyashi Haka  3) Robert_tdc  4) Hank

Robin,_Golden Bush- Tarsiger chrysaeus Found: southeast Asia
Image by: 1)  JM Garg - Indiag  2) Koshy_Koshy - India   3) Ariefrahman - Thailand  4) Imran_Shah - Pakistan
1 - 3) Female 4) Male

Robin,_Rufous-breasted_Bush-  Tarsiger hyperythrus  Found: Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal
Image by: 1) Henry_Koh  2) soumyajit nandy - India  3) Antony Grossy
1) Female 2, 3) Male

  Tarsiger indicus    Found: Asia
Image by: 1, 3) Hank  2) Francesco Veronesi - Taiwan 

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