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Order Passeriformes   Family Callaeidae

The New Zealand Wattlebirds are unrelated to the large Australian wattlebirds of the family Meliphagidae. They are ground-dwelling songbirds, 26–38 cm in length. They inhabit dense forests, where they feed on insects. They have strong legs and featherless wattles behind the bill. Their wings are rounded and unusually weak, giving them very limited powers of flight. They have no close relatives except the stitchbird.

Genus Callaeas - 1 species

Kokako  Callaeas cinereus   Found: Australia
Image by: 1) Matt Binns  2) Doug Mak - Mt Bruce Wildlife Centre, New Zealand   3) David Cook- Tiritiri Matangi Island, North Island, New Zealand

Genus Philesturnus

Saddleback,_North_Island  Philesturnus rufusater  Found: North Island of New Zealand
The North Island Saddleback has mainly black plumage; chestnut saddleback, rump; orange-red wattles.
Image by:  1) Andrej_Chudy - Ulva Island  2) David Cook - Tiritiri Matangi Island  4) DigitalTrails - Wellington 

Saddleback,_South_Island  Philesturnus carunculatus  Found: South Island of New Zealand
Image by:  1) Bernard_Spragg - McLeans Island, Canterbury, South Island of New Zealand


Order Passeriformes   Family Notiomystidae

The only species in the Notiomystidae family is the Stitchbird. The Stitchbird or hihi is a rare honeyeater-like bird endemic to the North Island and adjacent offshore islands of New Zealand. It became extirpated everywhere except Little Barrier Island but has been reintroduced to three other island sanctuaries and two locations on the North Island mainland. Its evolutionary relationships have long puzzled ornithologists, but it is now classed as the only member of its own family, the Notiomystidae.

Genus Notiomystis

Stitchbird  Notiomystis cincta  Found: near North Island of New Zealand
The male Stitchbird mainly gray plumage; black crown and dark velvety crown; short white ear-tufts; yellow breast-band. Female is duller than male lacking yellow breast-band.
Image by: 1) Eigenes Werk  2, 4) Duncan_Wright  5) David Cook - New Zealand  3, 6) DigitalTrails - Wellington

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