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Order Passeriformes    Family Eurylaimidae

Many of the broadbills are brightly colored birds that present broad heads, large eyes and a hooked, flat and broad beak. They range from 13 to 28 centimetres in length, and live in the dense canopies of wet forests, allowing them to hide despite their brightly coloured plumage. The broadbills are for the most part insectivorous and carnivorous. Prey taken include insects, spiders, centipedes and millipedes, as well as lizards and tree frogs. Prey is obtained by sallying from a perch to snatch it in flight, and gleaning the prey off leaves and branches while flying. Some species may take some fruit.

Some place genus Calyptomena and genus Smithornis in family Calyptomenidae.

Genus Calyptomena

  Calyptomena viridis  Found: Indonesia
Image by: 1) LonelyShrimp - Thailand  2) Doug Janson

Broadbill,_Hose's   Calyptomena hosii   Found: Borneo
Image by: John Gerrard Keulemansn

Broadbill,_Whitehead's  Calyptomena whiteheadi  Found: Borneo
The Whitehead's Broadbill has bright green plumage; black throat, ear covert; mottled black mantle.
Image by:  1) Hiyashi_Haka

Genus Corydon - 1 species

Broadbill,_Dusky   Corydon sumatranus  Found: Asia
The Dusky Broadbill has mainly dark gray plumage; ;pale yellow throat; red bill; brown eye-ring; white band on wing.
Image by: 1)) Micky Lim  2) Lip Kee  3) Jerry_Oldenette - Thailand  4) Hiyashi_Haka

Genus Cymbirhynchus - 1 species

Broadbill,_Black-and-red  Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos  Found: Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Image by: 1)) Simon Tonge  3) Jason_Thompson - Thailand  3, 4) Hiyashi_Haka

Genus Eurylaimus

Broadbill,_Banded  Eurylaimus javanicus  Found: Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
SImilar to: Black-and-yellow Broadbilll. Black-and-yellow Broadbill has yellow belly; white collar. Banded Broadbill is plainer.
Image by: 1, 4) Lip Kee - Malaysia  2) JJ Harrison - Thailand  3) Francesco_Veronesi - Thailand 

Broadbill,_Black-and-yellow  Eurylaimus ochromalus  Found: Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
The Black-and-yellow Broadbill has  mainly black upperparts with yellow markings; white collar, pinkish breast; yellow belly; blue bill.
SImilar to: Banded Broadbill. Black-and-yellow Broadbill has yellow belly; white collar. Banded Broadbill is plainer.
Image by: 1, 2) Mark Benedict - Borneo  3) Bernard_Dupont - Malaysia  4) Rahul_Alvares

Broadbill,_Visayan  Eurylaimus samarensis  also Sarcophanops samarensis  Found: Philippines
The Visayan Broadbill has purple mantle; black wings with white and lilac bars; mainly black head; sky blue wattle; bright chestnut rump, tail. Male has pale lilac underparts becoming yellowish-white on lower-belly. Female similar with white underparts.ß
Image by: 1) Jon_Hornbuckle

Broadbill,_Wattled  also Mindanao Broadbill  Eurylaimus steerii  also  Sarcophanops steerii Found: Philippines
The Wattled Broadbill has dark gray mantle; black wings with white and yellow bars; mainly black head; sky blue wattle; bright chestnut rump, tail. Male has pale lilac underparts becoming yellowish-white on lower-belly. Female similar with white underparts.ß
Image by: 1) John Gould 2) Blake Matheson  3) Francesco Veronesi

Genus Psarisomus - 1 species

Broadbill,_Long-tailed  Psarisomus dalhousiae  Found: southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia
The Long-tailed Broadbill is very sociable and normally travels in large, noisy parties except during the mating season. It builds a pear-shaped nest in a tree.
Image by: 1) Ansel.Ma  2) Dibyendu_Ash - India  3, 4) Hiyashi_Haka   5) Jason Thompson

Genus Pseudocalyptomena - 1 species

Broadbill,_Grauer's  Pseudocalyptomena graueri  Found: Africa
The Grauer's Broadbill has mainly green plumage; whitish bib; small bill (unlike other broadbills).
Image by: 1) John Gerrard Keulemans  2) Avian Safaris

Genus Serilophus  - 1 species

Broadbill,_Silver-breasted Serilophus lunatus  Found: southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia
The Silver-breasted Broadbill has rufous rump, upper-wing coverts; rusty-colored head; ash-gray forehead; broad black supercilium; blue and black flight feathers; silver breast. Female has narrow silver band across upper-breast. 
Image by: 1) Tony_Castro - Thailand  2) Yiwenyiwen  3, 4, 5) Hiyashi Haka

Genus Smithornis

Broadbill,_African   Smithornis capensis  Found: Africa
Image by: 1) Dave Curtis - Kenya  2) Neil Strickland - South Africa

Broadbill,_Gray-headed  Smithornis sharpei Found: Africa
Image by: 1) John Gerrard Keulemans  2, 3) Nigel Voaden - Cameroon

Broadbill,_Rufous-sided  Smithornis rufolateralis  Found: Africa
Image by: 1) Joseph Wolf  2) Marcel Holyoak - Cameroon  3) Kristian Svensson - Uganda


Order Passeriformes    Family Philepittidae

The asities are a family of small suboscine passerine birds. The family consists of four species in two genera endemic to Madagascar. They were thought to have been related to the pittas, hence the scientific name of the family. They are now consider to be more closely related to the broadbills and the Broad-billed Sapayoa of South America.

Genus Neodrepanis

Asity, Sunbird   also  Common Sunbird-Asity  Neodrepanis coruscans  Found: Madagascar
The breeding male Sunbird Asity has brilliant black and blue upperparts; blue and green facial markings; yellow underparts. Femae and nonbreeding male has dull blue-green upperparts; lacks facial markings; variable yellow underparts.
Image by:  1) Ross Tsai  2) Francesco_Veronesi  3) Rowe Becky
3) Breeding male

Asity,_Yellow-bellied  also  Yellow-bellied Sunbird-Asity  Neodrepanis hypoxantha  Found: Madagascar
The male Yellow-bellied Asity has bright yellow underparts; sunbird-shaped bill; black upperparts with iridescent blue sheen; bright blue wattle around the eyes. Female is duller.
Image by: 1) Amy_McAndrews  2) Frank_Vassen  3) Dubi Shapiro  2
1) Female  2, 3) male

Genus Philepitta

Asity, Schlegel's  Philepitta schlegeli  Found: Madagascar
The male Schlegel's Asity has olive upperparts; black head with blue patch around eye and green around that patch; yellow throat, underparts. Female has olive upperparts; mottled yellow and green head; yellow underparts with olive stripes; yellow eye-ring. Both have down-curved bill.
Image by: 1) Robert Lewis  2) Jerry_Oldenettel  3) Pat and Keith Taylor  4) Charles_Davies

Asity, Velvet  Philepitta castanea  Found: Madagascar
The male Velvet Asity has yellow tips to feathers when newly molted; otherwise mainly black pluamge; green wattle above eye. Female has greenish plumage.
Image by: 1) John Gerrard Keulemans  2) Francois Dorothe  David Cook  3) Ross Tsai
1) Left - female; bottom - nonbreeding male; top - breeding male  2) Female  3) Nonbreeding male  4) Breeding male


Order Passeriformes    Family Sapayoa

This family has just one species. Its nearest relatives are unknown, perhaps the broadbills.

Genus Sapayoa

Sapayoa   Sapayoa aenigma   Found: Panama, northwest South America
The Sapayoa has olive colored upperparts; paler underparts; broad bill.;
Image by: 1) Jan_Axel  2) Nick Athanas - Panama

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